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We are the official app of the Carnival of Cultures 2023. If you also want to be found by up to 1.6 million

people and the whole of Berlin, post great offers every day from now on and be discovered quickly via the

interactive map.

Carnival of great offers!

Post a wink visible to all users in your local area. Winks are time-sensitive and expire after a certain time to ensure relevance. Or check out the interactive map to discover what is being flagged up nearby. Use the filter to display what matters to you.


Are you a business or non-profit-organisation and would like to reach a very specific client base or community in your neighborhood? Winkt allows you to create local groups to directly share winks and communicate with your followers or just with anyone nearby. 

For community managers, we create individual member areas in order to coordinate decentralized community activities conveniently.

One map full of messages

Which customers are easiest and quickest to contact? Exactly, the people who are already in your neighborhood or who are in your neighborhood because of a specific wink.

Winkt is a hyper-local marketing tool for small businesses, restaurants, event planners, and freelancers. Offers or requests can be sent directly to followers and potential prospects in the area via local groups.

Your Business on winkt.

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